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New Sigmar water heaters by Quick

Los calentadores Sigmar son la mejor elección dentro de la extensa variedad de calentadores del mercado.

sigmar water heaters in baitra

El tanque está fabricado en acero inox 316, revestido de un aislamiento térmico de poliuretano de alta densidad.

Además, está protegido por una carcasa plástica que incorpora los soportes de montaje.

Disponibles en Baitra desde 20L hasta 80L de capacidad y con resistencias de 800W y 1200W.

Baitra´s new facilities

Baitra has moved to its new facilities, located in the industrial state of Porto do Molle, increasing its capacity and improving customer service.

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The new address is:

Montes da Barxa, 6

P.I. Porto do Molle

36350 - Nigrán (Pontevedra) Spain

And the post address is:

Baitra S.L.

P.I. Porto do Molle

Box 53

36350 - Nigrán (Pontevedra) - Spain

Navigation lights control system

Full navigation lights control system for LED and incandescent. Featuring configured group buttons (E.g.: Anchoring, N.U.C., under way…), automatic switch over to emergency light or power and alarms. MOD-BUS interface to integrated bridge system.

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 The interface control panel, IP65, includes a button and a status-indicator LED for each circuit output, as well as alarms and group buttons, with dimmer control on the front. The panel is designed on customer’s requirements and may include a graphic representation of the vessel showing the position and status of the lights. The interface module can manage and monitor up to 32 outputs.

The control panel is connected to the main module by a single 4-wire shielded cable (Ø 4mm), saving space and reducing the power wiring. Power supply can be placed on the electric cabinet, while interface panel is on the bridge.

  • Easier and faster installation
  • It can be placed wherever you want
  • Smart system

The system includes a main module and up to 3 expansion modules, holding 8 outputs each. Communication module is available on request.

The navigation lights can have dual power supply, constantly monitored. Should one of the power supplies fail, the panel automatically switches to the other and sets off an alarm. The alarm threshold (minimum and maximum current) can be set for each power supply.

Main features

  • Up to 32 navigation lights
  • For LED and/or incandescent lights
  • Main / reserve light automatic switch or manual backup in case of failure
  • Controlled power supplies, main and emergency
  • Custom interface panel IP65
  • Meets the requirements of classification societies
  • For 12/24VDC or 110/230VAC systems

The right control and monitoring solution for vessels of all sizes. All the control in the bridge with the easiest and confortable installation.

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