Naval architects and engineers are usually found problems during boatbuilding, problems that could otherwise be a mundane but at sea are magnified by the environment to which they are exposed. One of these problems appears when mounting the panels on bulkheads and ceilings, as the setting is almost always complicated by lack of space. Fastmount ™, the company based in New Zealand, has solved this situation with its winning product of several international awards: The VL-03H

Interiores con FastmountTM - Baitra



The secret to Fastmount™ is the unique set of design registered interchangeable clips ideal for secure fastening. With Fastmount™, panels can be easily removed and refitted in any sequence, time after time. Combining speed, versatility and accuracy, the Fastmount™ system enables designers, installers and contractors to re-think the paneling process.

Fastmount™ is designed to perform on sea, land and in the air. Applications of use only limited by your imagination and common sense.


  • No visible fixings
  • Eliminates panel damage – install panels during final build stages
  • Variety of mounting options – self tapping, glue and screw fix
  • Allows for panel flex and expansion
  • Provides cavities for services and enhanced acoustics









  • Ceilings, walls, feature panels and upholstery
  • Access, inspection and ventilation panels
  • Interior and selected exterior applications
  • Upholstered, painted, prefinished and composite panels
  • Mounts into a wide variety of substrates e.g. GRP, composite, honeycomb
  • New build, re-fit and upgrades

For efficient installation and optimal performance, the Fastmount system includes technical support, installation and removal tools.