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A smaller version of a Sugatsune hinge that has been in demand since it's inception.

2015-05-18-bisagra HES3D-90The HES3D range of 3-way adjustable concealed hinges started gaining friends when the only version was the massive HES3D-190 designed to support impressive entrance doors weighing up to 100kgs. Always popular with architects the demand has always been, "can we have these for our interior doors please?"

Keen to please, Sugatsune's R&D department came up with successively smaller versions so that an architect's vision could be carried through the development. Now, with the introduction of the HES3D-S90 even wardrobe and cabinet doors can benefit from the luxurious feel and excellent engineering.

2015-05-18-bisagra HES3D

For doors as thin as 23mm the HES3D-90 uses the same articulated mechanism and like it's bigger brothers is easy to fit and has three axis adjustment so that doors will fit perfectly.


qThe problem of achieving oil in bilge water discharge to meet legal requirements has been solved by the Royal Netherlands Navy using Wavestream System 2 bilge filters in all relevant size craft in their fleet. Several months of testing proved Wavestream to be the solution the Navy were looking for.

Wavestream is a compact filter easily installed between the bilge pump and outlet. It removes all traces of oil or pollution from the bilge discharge water. The entire Wavestream range has been awarded Lloyd’s Register Type Approval providing verification of its effectiveness and suitability for use on all sea going vessels.

Baitra is the Wavestream distributor for Spain and Portugal. 

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