Aisladores Galvánicos

Prevents galvanic corrosion caused by galvanic current flow. A galvanic isolator works by placing a rectifier network between the earth connection of the boat and shore-based main power supply. This stops the small continuous electrical currents that are generated by galvanic reactions between the various metals in contact with one another and the water which can cause rapid and heavy corrosion of underwater metalwork.

Variants are available to cater for 16 Amp, 32 Amp and 70 Amp shore and vessel electrical systems. The appropriate variant should be installed in-line in the earth cable between where shore power enters the boat and the vessels electrical distribution panel. All vessels will benefit from the installation of a correctly installed galvanic isolator, and many marinas make their use mandatory.

Available models:

  • 2160A16 (16Amp)
  • 2160A32 (32Amp)
  • 2160A70 (70Amp)