Water and electricity have never been good combination, and less on the marine environment. This creates many accidents that could be avoided with simple measures such as proper installation of outlets to dock.


In many boats can be seen, embedded in the transom or nearby, making port with the cap, there plugging the cable from the dock. The problem is when the female is installed on the boat and the male on cable because, take it with your hand from the dock to connect it to the boat, we can touch the terminals unintentionally and have a serious accident.

The solution is simple: Just switch socket eliminate any possibility of touching the connectors, even when connected to the mains.


riesgo eléctrico

Another circumstance that creates serious problems of our input port is the tightness of the connection box, having, in most cases, only a degree of protection IP44, not safety enough for electricity and water. In Baitra have the latest models in regards to wires. Our wires and ports also have degree of protection IP56 (Protected against water jets and dirt).

Loose powercords on the dock can create hazardous situations. The most critical point is that where the boat is connected
to the dock as the continuous movement can lead to the cord breaking or falling into the water. Don’t forget that high
voltage together with salt water is a dangerous mix.

proteflex ingles

Proteflex is a solution to increase safety by maintaining the cables always in place, especially in that point between the
dock and the boat. It keeps powercords out of the water, avoids magnetic fields of coils when rolled on dock bollards,
and prevents the unplugging or breaking of the wires.foto_099896-1
Proteflex is a SC Polypropilene spiral cord coil with stainless steel inserts on the ends designed to carry the powercord

through. This spiral has two swivel hooks on both ends to attach to the boat and the dock; and two stop-blocks for the
cable. Easy to install, Proteflex is the only way to guaranty keeping power-cords safely, organized and out of the water.