Baitra has released a new control system for navigation lights, with all the necessary functions for maximum safety at night navigation and able to work with LED or  incandescent bulbs systems.

With this control system, can be selected groups of lights (Anchoring, towing, navigation ...), activate the automatic emergency power or secondary bulbs in case of failure, set electrical failure alarms and also offers the possibility to connect the system with an onboard computer via a communication module.

Navigation lights control system by Baitra
Navigation light monitoring and control modular system, which can control up to 32 outputs (navigation lights) and adapt to the costumer’s requirements.

The system includes a main module and up to 3 expansion modules, as well as a interface panel, designed according to costumer’s requirements.

The main module and the expansion modules can support up to 8 outputs each. The interface module can manage and monitor up to 32 channels. The interface module is incorporated into the control panel from which the lights are controlled and includes a button and a status-indicator LED for each output of the circuit, as well as alarms and group buttons. This panel is designed based on the customer’s requirements and may include a graphic representation of the vessel showing the position and status of the lights using indicator LEDs.

A single 4-wire shielded cable connects the control panel to the main module. This allows to keep the power units on the console separate from the control units, reducing the power cabling and therefore saving space.

The navigation lights can have dual power supply, constantly monitored. Should one of the power supplies fail, the panel automatically switches to the other and sets off an alarm. The alarm threshold (minimum and maximum current drawn) can be programmed for each power supply.

In the unlikely event of electronics failure, navigation lights can be controlled manually from an additional switch panel.

The panel allows to control both LED and incandescent lamp navigation lights. The system can be powered by 10-30VDC and/or 110-240VAC.

Thanks to a communication module, the panel can be integrated with the rest of the boat’s systems. This electronic module supports communication with MODBUS or ASCII protocols.

The system is based on reprogrammable and configurable micro-controls.


  • Short-circuit switching and overcurrent protection for each output.
  • Switching capacity up to 5A per channel. Overload up to 20A.
  • Power consumption monitoring for each channel. Consumption thresholds, minimum and maximum, can be configured individually for each channel.
  • Internal meter to record the system’s operating hours and an internal meter to record each channel’s operating hours. For each output, the user can program a visual alarm (Slow-blinking LED) that will go off when it reaches the set number of operating hours. Meters can be reset from the panel.
  • Bistable relays to switch the lights on/off, with switches and non-volatile status memory to retrieve the system settings in the event of a power cut. This option can be configured.
  • Alarm record of power supply failures in systems 1 and 2.
  • Option to install up to 4 remote control panels or 3 remote control panels and an interface to control and monitor lights from a PC.

All this makes this control system for navigation lights the perfect solution for all types of vessels, regardless of size, and offers a full customization of the interface and its functions.